New Shangrela

Unveil the Mask Museum and the Puppets

Puppet art has been spread into many countries over the world, but the Sri Lankan puppet art has a Sri Lankan hereditary. The main reason for this hereditary is the social, cultural and religious correlation that exists in the Sri Lankan community.

Traditional oblations, devil dances, healing rituals, Kolam & Nadagam which were built up in the southern province of Sri Lanka have basically affected to be born inherent characters of Sri Lanka. There are evidences to prove that the Sri Lankan puppet art had received basic influence from the other parts of Asia.

Meet the Turtles!

A turtle hatchery is located a few meters away from New Shangrela. There are a number of disabled turtles too, that are being cared by them with normal babies. It provides an ideal opportunity for those interested in studying about turtles.

Water Sports

A few meters away from New Shangreela is the Ambalangoda lagoon. There are several water sports/activates like Boat safari, banana ride, jet skiing, ring rides, wind surfing and fishing conducted under the guidance of experienced personnel.

Beach Hopping

If you feel restless and want to check out at what other beaches have to offer, just hop on a bus and take a tour.

The beaches of Sri Lanka really are as gorgeous as you’ve heard. And one of the best things about Sri Lanka’s beaches is that no matter what time of year you go if it’s raining on one coast then chances are it’ll be sun hat and swimmers weather on the other.


Ambalangoda is the famous city in Sri Lanka for mask carving and puppet shows. There are many mask showrooms and mask museums that show generations of history of mask carving techniques in the aria.

Cinnamon Oil

Ceylon Cinnamon and Sri Lanka's affinity is so strong that the very botanical name Cinnamomum zeylanicum is derived from the island’s ancient name Ceylon.

Ceylon Cinnamomum zeylanicum also called “True Cinnamon” is indigenous to Sri Lanka. Several attempts have been made to transplant cinnamon trees to other parts of the tropic world but the Sri Lanks remains as the best cinnamon provider.

Temple of Tooth and Ancient Cities


Whale Watching

Elephant Orphanage

Wild Life

Tea Factories

Hot Well Springs